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Psilocybe cubensis available to be purchased. The mushroom experienced and depicted by the Spanish writers was no doubt the Psilocybe cubensis, the most widely recognized of the 40 or so types of Psilocybe mushroom. The stimulating element of this mushroom is psilocybin or psilocin.

Buy Psilocybe cubensis online

Buy Psilocybe cubensis online at serious rates. This sorcery mushroom is basic known by the names “Earle” and “Artist”. Situated in Central America, Mexico, and the Gulf Coast locale of the United States, this Psilocybe cubensis develops independently or in gatherings on compost and excrement and is discovered essentially in steers pastures. It can develop around 20 cm in stature with its wide yellowish tail caped with the earth yellow-tanish top. The cap can develop approximately 10 cm wide and is in an oval shape. The tail is around 4-15 cm long and around .4-1.5 cm thick. Psilocybe Cubensis frequently becomes thicker and has a dry, white or yellowish tone.

Psilocybe cubensis is a types of hallucinogenic mushroom whose foremost dynamic mixtures are psilocybin and psilocin. Generally called shrooms, sorcery mushrooms, brilliant tops, shapes, or gold covers, it has a place with the Hymenogastraceae group of parasites and was recently known as Stropharia cubensis.

The tail develops easily into the thick-walled spore lodging a dull purple-earthy colored print around 11-17 by 7-12 microns. The spore prints are smooth and curved. Its gills are fixed with whitish edges, following a profound purple to dark tone. The mushroom is stimulating and can be exceptionally perilous whenever burned-through in an enormous amount. It doesn’t represent the danger of an excess, yet the impacts can be undesirable, long, and solid.

This is the most famous types of psilocybin mushrooms, otherwise called “Brilliant Teacher”.

You may discover it all through southeastern United States, Central America and northern South America. It additionally develops all through southeast Asia, in nations, for example, Thailand, India, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Regularly, these mushrooms develop at their greatest size in the two months preceding the most sizzling period in the year. In the United States, this implies you can discover them in May and June most every now and again, in spite of the fact that they can likewise be found up until January.


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Psilocybe Cubensis For Sale 

Maybe one straightforward, practical perception fills in as the most grounded demonstration of the force and holiness of hallucinogenics that they grow normally, similar to a blessing, from our own special earth. No other normally happening hallucinogenic outlines this better than the psilocybin mushroom. It is imperative to explain that “psilocybin mushrooms,” or “wizardry mushrooms,” may allude to quite a few mushrooms that contain hallucinogenic mixtures like psilocybin or psilocin.

Despite the fact that there are various sorts of psilocybin mushroom, the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom species is presumably the most mainstream, especially for growing. It’s likewise important that we are seeing extraordinary steps in the utilization of psilocybin in treatment.

Why cubensis?

Psilocybe cubensis grows normally in certain regions of the U.S., all through Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are so mainstream for home growing since they are moderately lenient even inside the cubensis species, some particular strains have procured notorieties as being especially simple to grow.

While some mushroom strains can’t flourish in local settings without meticulous measure to precisely reproduce their regular conditions, cubensis can grow well even in problematic conditions that are so normal with beginner growing arrangements. They are likewise hearty against evolving conditions, while more touchy strains may be harmed by a slight change in the climate.

The B+ and Amazonian cubensis strains are most loved picks for novices. Likely the simplest and most mainstream psilocybin cubensis strain, however, is the Golden Teacher strain.

Brilliant Teacher

Brilliant Teacher mushrooms have an unmistakable appearance, with long, winding stems and wide covers. They are a top choice among growers for being moderately simple to keep up and develop.

Brilliant Teachers have gentle intensity and an assortment of impacts. These incorporate visual distortions, upgraded tones, delicacy or energy, and amazing feelings. Individuals likewise report feeling euphoric, profoundly in-order, and discerning when taking Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Brilliant Teacher excursions can frequently be revelatory, or if nothing else keen. As recommended by their name, these mushrooms confer amazing exercises that stay even after the experience.

A Golden Teacher dose, as most other psilocybin mushrooms, would begin at around two grams dried. Two grams ought to be sufficient for a great many people to feel a few impacts, yet nothing overwhelming. A higher dose would start with at least three grams, and surpassing five grams ought to be a lot to encounter the Golden Teacher in full power. They can produce results in as fast as 20 minutes, and the experience for the most part goes on for four to six hours.

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How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis

Regardless of whether the Golden Teacher, Amazonian, B+, or another strain, the cubensis mushroom is perhaps the most straightforward specie to develop. With legitimate arrangement and examination, you ought to have the option to grow your own inside two months.

To grow psilocybin cubensis, you can either accumulate your materials without any preparation or utilize a mushroom growing unit. In the most flawless sense, to grow mushrooms, you need a mycelium substrate and an affable climate for the mycelium to flourish. The cubensis mycelium is essentially the fundamental parasite that grows into your consumable cubensis mushrooms.

Since growing units incorporate the mycelium and a grow box, it makes the growing cycle extremely simple and direct they as of now incorporate nearly all you require, and you can grow without spores. However, when utilizing growing units there is a likely danger of tainting, absence of consistency, and even phony items.

An option is to grow your mushrooms without any preparation utilizing what is known as the PF Tek strategy. It requires some more readiness to amass the materials however is as yet a basic, dependable approach to grow cubensis mushrooms from home.

Utilizing the PF Tek technique, you would develop your mycelium by infusing cubensis spores into containers containing a substrate. The substrate fills in as fruitful ground for the spores to create and comprises of earthy colored rice flour and vermiculite.

After about a month, the spores will grow into mycelium and colonize the substrate. These substrate “cakes” would then be able to be moved into grow chambers, where they will additionally create and ultimately organic product. In the wake of growing, the mushrooms are normally prepared to gather in about possibly 14 days.

It is ideal to utilize a dehydrator to dry cubensis mushrooms, yet a more affordable option is to utilize a dessicant, similar to silica gel.


This year, Denver moved to decriminalize psilocybin and Oakland went above and beyond by decriminalizing all plant prescriptions. It’s almost guaranteed that interest in development is probably going to extend. Utilizing either a growing unit or a strategy like PF Tek, you can dependably develop a mushroom like psilocybe cubensis in under two months, with materials that are promptly accessible on the web or in stores.

Contrasted with the assets needed to orchestrate hallucinogenic substances like LSD or MDMA, the way toward growing psilocybin mushrooms isn’t just simple, however will free your reliance on an external hotspot for hallucinogenics, and extend your experience while burning-through them.

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